Musical Baby Yoga

Learn to stretch your babies body and mind with our unique and fun filled baby yoga-inspired course.

A typical 6 week course includes:

  • A simple but effective and stimulating fully clothed baby massage routine
  • Songs and rhymes to compliment Yoga inspired stretches and movements to help soothe and stimulate, encourage bonding, assist with the development of the senses
  • Introduction to active play that can enhance coordination and balance, concentration and language skills.

The courses are suited to babies from 8 weeks and there is a maximum of 5 babies per course.

Private lessons can easily be arranged either at a studio or in your own home.  Little Baban can visit your home or playgroup for one off group sessions.

All techniques, strokes and routines are demonstrated on a life size doll and parents are welcome to learn the techniques with their own baby.  There is also a spare demonstration doll incase a baby is asleep during the session.

Each session includes time for tea and chatting!

Course prices start from £70 and include handouts of routines, songs and rhymes.

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